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Assured Rent Scheme

Our Assured Rent Scheme is a proven strategy that allows property owners like you to generate significant monthly cash flow without the traditional landlord responsibilities. Looking for rent to rent companies? By partnering with Moa & Kin, you can enjoy the benefits of passive income while we take care of all the day-to-day operations from tenant management to property maintenance. It’s a hassle-free way to make the most of your investment without the stress, time and commitment.


Secured Income

Your rent is guaranteed by Moa and Kin. No need to worry about tenants unable to pay or no fault evictions. Our model focuses on finding the right guests on short and medium lets.

Our Assured Rent Scheme allows you to generate passive income from your property without the hassle of being a traditional landlord.


Extra Care

We treat our each property in our portfolio as though it were our own. We personally visit the properties in our portfolio once every fortnight.

Furthermore, we carry out even more regular professional cleans to inspect and maintain the property to the highest possible standard, ensuring it’s always guest ready.


Trusted Expertise

Moa and Kin has a proven track record of success in the property investment industry.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with rent to rent companies and property management, ensuring that you are in capable hands.


Enhancing Properties

As part of our Assured Rent Scheme, we invest together with the owner to raise the profile of the property.

Our team covers everything from professional interior design, painting & decorating, furnishing & styling, increasing the value of the property.

Case Study

Maximising Revenue and Flexibility for an Overseas Client

Our Approach

To address our client’s objectives, we developed a comprehensive strategy that involved various steps to enhance the property and generate additional income. Our approach included:

Extensive Interior Renovation: We oversaw a thorough interior renovation of the property to improve its overall appeal and functionality. This included upgrading fixtures, refreshing the decor, and ensuring that the apartment met modern design standards.

Full Interior Design and Furnishing: Our team implemented a complete interior design plan tailored to the client’s preferences and target market. We carefully selected furnishings, decor, and accessories to create an inviting and stylish atmosphere that would attract potential tenants.

Bespoke Contract Creation: To accommodate our client’s desire for personal use of the property, we crafted a customised contract that allowed them to reserve specific weeks throughout the year for their own stays. This arrangement ensured that they could enjoy the benefits of their investment while maximising revenue during the remaining periods.

The Challenge

In 2022, we were approached by an overseas client seeking solutions for their upcoming tenancy agreement expiration. The client had a central apartment in Bath that had been let under an assured tenancy agreement for several years, limiting their personal use of the property. They wanted to explore options that would allow them flexibility in enjoying their apartment while increasing its revenue potential.

The Results

As a result of our efforts, the property experienced significant positive outcomes:

Increased Revenue: The property now generates higher revenue due to its enhanced appeal and marketability. The interior renovation and professional interior design attracted more potential tenants, resulting in improved occupancy rates and rental income.

Personal Enjoyment: Our client now has the flexibility to utilize their apartment during specific weeks of the year, providing them with the opportunity to experience their property firsthand and enjoy the benefits of owning a central Bath apartment.

Enhanced Value: The extensive renovation, coupled with the attention to detail in the interior design, has not only increased the property’s rental income but also added value to the overall asset. Our client has seen a positive impact on their investment’s market value, making it a more attractive proposition for potential buyers or future rental opportunities.

By taking a proactive approach and tailoring our services to meet our client’s unique needs, we were able to transform their property into a profitable and flexible asset. Our expertise in interior renovation, design, and contract creation played a vital role in achieving these remarkable results. #rent to rent companies

Next Steps – Rent to Rent Companies

Initial Consultation

Get in touch with our team to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your property, goals, and answer any questions you may have about #rent to rent companies.

Property Evaluation

Our experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of your property to determine its rental potential and identify any improvements or modifications that may be required.

Tailored Proposal

Based on our evaluation and your goals, we’ll provide you with a tailored Rent-to-Rent proposal outlining the terms, rental income projection, and the services we’ll provide.

Agreement and Implementation

Once you’re satisfied with the proposal, we’ll finalise the agreement and begin the implementation process. Our team will handle all the necessary paperwork, marketing, and tenant selection.

Hassle-Free Income

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hassle-free rental income generated by your property. Our team will manage everything, ensuring your property remains in excellent condition and delivers consistent returns.

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Discover testimonials from satisfied clients who sourced rent to rent companies and found partnering with Moa & Kin a breeze, with the trusted experts in short let management.

“Moa and Kin have been my letting agent this summer and I would recommend them without hesitation. At all times I felt that Jonny was available, professional and cared about the listing and beyond that, my personal experience of letting my home. ”


“We’ve worked with Moa & Kin for over two years and we’ve always been very happy with the service they provide, they are communicative, helpful and organised and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”



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