What to Know When Booking an Airbnb for your holiday.

What to Know When Booking an Airbnb for your holiday.

Aug 23 

Travel sets us free from the norm and opens up doors for adventures. Traveling also gives you the ability to stay in stunning and unique homes throughout the world with Airbnb. However, finding the one that is right for you can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, you want to make the right decision, so here is what you need to know before settling on an Airbnb for your holiday. 

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When it comes to property, location is key. And when finding the perfect Airbnb for your holiday, the location of the space is even more important. Often, location and price go hand in hand, so be prepared to pay a bit more to stay in central prime areas. But remember, paying a little extra to be central can save you money on buses or taxis and certainly time which is precious to you during your time away. Often properties that are central within a small city such as and Airbnb property in Bath mean you have a multitude of attractions, bars and restaurants within walking distance of your doorstep!


Although you may not be spending a significant amount of time in your Airbnb, it does need to have the necessary amenities you would want or need for your trip. Depending on your length of stay, amenities like a washer and a dryer are convenient especially if you are traveling with a family. The ability to wash and dry clothes as needed will keep mom or dad from having to wash lots of children’s clothing when they return home. Many Airbnb properties in Bristol offer additional amenities such as a hot tub or pool can serve as additional entertainment and enjoyment for your trip, so carefully consider all amenities offered by the property. 

Sleeping Arrangements

The number of beds is important, but the individual sleeping arrangements of everyone is even more important. Ensure that those having to share a room or a bed in your family or friend group have a space that they’re comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than having to draw straws to avoid the sofa bed as it always leaves someone disappointed. This is especially true with some Airbnb’s in London that are more limited in space, so ensure sleeping arrangements for the property meet with your individual family or friend group.

Rules for Guests

Guest rules are always something you should take a close look at. Some properties prohibit smoking or parties. Some properties do not allow children while others encourage little ones. Make certain you are not in violation of any house rules while you are there. By breaking rules and getting caught can negatively impact your reviews and ability to book your next Airbnb. Most rules are straightforward, but some owners may have specific rules they expect guests to follow. 

Space Available Around the Property

The beauty of an Airbnb is the ability to spread out and explore. Some properties are set on huge tracts of land and encourage guests to explore their surroundings while others may be on smaller areas of land. If you want space to roam, ensure you know the amount of outdoor space available for guests. Not adhering to this rule can get you a trespassing charge in certain areas and that is certainly not the best way to enjoy a holiday. 

Look Closely At Photos

When scrolling through photos of a potential Airbnb, it is tempting to just look at the highlights, but remember, you are going to be staying in this place, potentially, so look carefully at each photo and notice anything in the background. Even the smallest thing in a picture can be an indicator that the property is not as it is advertised. A high quality renter and Airbnb management companies will ensure everything is perfectly in place in photographs and all are done in a professional manner. 

Check for Hidden Fees

An Airbnb might look great in pictures and appear to be within your budget, but beware of the additional fees. Resorts and other tourist destination properties can often charge high resort fees and even parking charges. These charges can add up to big bucks, so always look at any available fees, so you do not get overwhelmed by additional fees. 

Look at Cancelation Policies

Unfortunately, there are times when cancelations are in order. When the COVID-19 pandemic first began, countless Airbnb owners and potential renters were left with significant losses as travel was restricted. It pays to know the cancelation policies for the Airbnb company you use. The policies are there for protection of both parties, so make sure you are following the rules if you have to cancel. 

Airbnb’s are an ever-growing option in every destination, why not truly enjoy the experience with an Airbnb rental. Find the right one and use these tips to ensure your holiday is all you want it to be!

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