Moa & Kin – The Fun in the Name

Moa & Kin – The Fun in the Name

Aug 25 

When deciding what to name our property management company, finding a unique and original name was not easy! 

If you’ve ever founded a company, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Finding a catchy relevant name that hasn’t already been used somewhere around the world can be a nightmare!

The name Moa & Kin was inspired by 4 great loves I have. Family. Burgers. Beer. New Zealand.

MOA – 3 Meanings


My favourite visited country in the world. I was fortunate enough to spend 6-months in New Zealand before beginning university in 2006. New Zealand has numerous flightless birds endemic to the country. The Moa bird (now extinct) was one of these. Similar in look to the more famous ‘kiwi’ bird.  

One of my favourite premium craft beers also comes from New Zealand, Moa beer brewed in Marlborough. This name Moa brings back fond memories of good times, something I look forward to replicating for guests and clients with properties in bath.  

Queenstown, New Zealand. A particular favourite of mine.
Queenstown, New Zealand. A particular favourite of mine.


Travelling is a great passion of mine and my tour operating business has taken me wide and far. One pilgrimage gig we had involved taking 350 young people for a huge global event over a week in Krakow, Poland. 

Along the way I came across a sumptuous burger joint – Moa Burger. This popular funky burger place, on a cobbled side street in the heart of Krakow made whopping great burgers with prime cuts of beef and scintillating relishes! Reminds me of some trendy burger joints in Clifton, Bristol.

Moa & Kin property management companyjpg.jpg


I’m blessed with a beautiful family, my wife Emma and our two children Amelie (3) and Max (1). It’s a dream to one day hand down the family business to my children.

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