#6 Must Knows Before Choosing an Airbnb Management Company

What to Know Before Choosing Your Airbnb Management Company

May 31 

Written By Jonathan Baylis

The Airbnb craze has blown up and if you look on the average Airbnb listing, you will see a variety of different rentals available. Most of these rentals are run by everyday people looking to rent out their additional spaces to earn extra income, but more and more people are turning to Airbnb management companies to assist in renting out their space. If you have a property and want to successfully run it as an Airbnb, here are some suggestions on what to look for in your Airbnb management company. 

Choosing the right airbnb management company

Great Testimonials

Online testimonies are how we shop online for the things we want. Any Airbnb management company should be able to provide testimonials from existing clients. Although newer companies may not have so many, they will display their testimonials somewhere on their website for potential customers to read. Great testimonies speak for themselves and can be a great indicator when searching for an excellent Airbnb management company. 

Great Communication

When choosing the right Airbnb management company, shopping around a little will pay off big and it is not always the big issues that make the most impact. Call around to various Airbnb management companies and test out their customer service skills. Good companies will take the time to tell you about their company and listen to your needs. Remember, how efficiently a company comes back to you will often indicate how they’ll communicate with your guests. The best companies will want to meet with you in person. At Moa & Kin this is an absolute must before any onboarding begins. Essentially, both parties should want and look forward to working together.

Professional Website

Another indicator of a high quality Airbnb management company is on their website. A professional company will maintain professional pictures of their properties. A high quality, professional Airbnb management company will visit each property they manage and commission a professional photographer to take the best photos possible for the listing. Professional pictures will be devoid of clutter and offer a view of each part of the rental. 

Book a Property

Everyone loves to have a weekend away now and again and if it has been quite some time since you have had a holiday, why not book a trip through your perspective Airbnb management company? Getting access to physical properties a company manages is sometimes only accessible to customers, so try looking through the eyes of the customer to determine if the company is worth investing in. 

Notice everything about the property including how clean it is, how well maintained the outdoor space is, and even how fresh the paint looks on the interior and exterior of the property. Although owners tend to manage most of these attributes, it is the property management company that cleans and inspects the unit before new guests arrive. 

Check the notice period

A confident management outfit will allow you to easily exit your agreement with them. Moa & Kin have a 30 day notice period, so if the arrangement isn’t working out for you or your plans change, you can easily end the agreement and take control of your property again.


The use of an Airbnb management company for individuals with limited free time is almost essential. You cannot be with your property at all times and management companies make it easier for owners to maintain multiple properties without impacting their daily lives. Airbnb owners often use their Airbnb properties as passive income and many maintain regular jobs and have busy schedules, so investing in an Airbnb management company can make owning and renting more efficient and less time consuming. If you are looking for a high quality Airbnb management company for your property or many properties, Moa and Kin services all of Bath, London and Bristol

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